The food ministry is completely committed to serving and helping the lives of others.  We give out food boxes to those who are in need and we are able to reach out and show people that they are loved and that there are others who care for their welfare. God gets all the glory in this ministry as we are always able to provide the needs of the hungry. Those who work in our food ministry get the awesome opportunity to share Jesus and His love and at the same time get the experience needed in food handling, cooking and customer service skills.

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month we give out Food Bags to the Community.

Please line up at 11:30 am and bring your valid ID with you.

Every Sunday you also can receive a food bag after our church service at 9:30 am.

Please see one of our Ushers to get a ticket, than after the service come to the Food Trailer in the back of the Parking Lot.

Please contact the Church for more information on when and where food will be distributed at. Your donations are always appreciated.

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